The Healthcare Terminology Service
The Snowray Terminology Service™ offers high-quality terminology content management from your web browser. Register now and explore how Snowray keeps your data standards organized to build interoperable health systems.
Why struggle with spreadsheets when it comes to managing your healthcare data? Snowray can help you maintain, share and publish terminology content effortlessly.
Semantics unlocked
Build future-proof value sets with semantic queries. Maintain and upgrade them with ease. Harvest the semantics captured in your national and international terminology standards.
Any resource. Anywhere.
Browsing international standards, building and modeling a code set from scratch, generating automated mappings, importing content, and much more! All you need is a web browser.
Choose the API you need to connect and integrate with your systems. Our Snow Owl Terminology Server backend works with the largest and most complex SNOMED CT Extensions worldwide.
Why Snowray?
Are you tired of navigating between millions of codes while what you really need is a well-defined set of concepts for your domain? Do you want to access your content from a web browser and share them with your teammates or publish them? Do you want to utilize the semantics of healthcare codes to ease the maintenance and improve the quality of your sets? Do you need a standard API to integrate with your other systems? If you have answered yes to any of the above questions, then look no further. Snowray Terminology Service is just the right solution to your problems.
Plans & Pricing
Explore our plans and choose the one that’s right for you.
$0per year forever
Up to 10 public resources Private resources are not included
Browse public content
$490per year
Up to 20 resources Including public and private resources
Sharing options
Content export
$4,900per user per year
Unlimited number of resources
Organization page
Team management
API access
Priority support
AI & Machine learning
Over 10 users?
Custom requirements?
Let's discuss how to make the best out of Snowray for your organization
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